Projector Drive Belts for 8mm, 9.5mm, & 16mm projectors
Please click on photo for larger view
Changeover cue dots
16mm sound film
Super 16
Paillard Bolex S
Paillard Bolex S internal workings
Bolex S valve amplifier
Elf projector
Bell & Howell TQI projector

GBL516 WW2 projector

Rewinder with illuminated prism
DeBrie D16
16mm tape film splicer
GB 609
Philips EL5100
Philips EL5100 mech

Specto Projector
Bolex Model G
Bolex Model G Gears
BTH 450/30
Interesting 16mm film fault

PM 15 Sound Projector

Running time of 16mm film
Projection screen size chart for 16mm

I can supply replacement round section belts for some projectors
Some 16 mm projector manuals are available

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