Community Cinema Equipment Hire

Community Cinema Equipment Hire

We can provide Community Cinema Equipment and Mobile cinema rental packages. We are happy to work with you.

Community Cinema Installation

Screen sizes from 12ft  projector and sound

    • 12ft x 7ft picture size screen front and rear projection
    • 4000 ANSi HD Projector and spare
    • Full HD Blue-ray Player and Spare
    • 3 speaker FBT sound system
  • projectionist on-site for the Film show or the day
  • Deliver and setup

Day Hire price is from  £290 

There is a BFI scheme offers the equipment at a peppercorn rate. But this will involves your time to get it and return it to where it is located. Let’s face it most of village hall communitys are volunteers and don’t have the time to run around the country picking up cinema equipment and returning it. In fact the equipment is only as good as the last person that used it. When you hire us we always have spares in the van we have spare projectors and sound systems. also volunteers dont wish to take responsibility of the equipment.


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We are Proscreens and are based in Surrey. We are looking to expand on our successful foray into local Community Cinema showings using Town / Village halls in  around the UK

community cinema installation

We are getting more and more interest in people wanting to put on mobile Cinemas and Community Cinema Nights and are looking for suitable venues that can accommodate such an event. Primarily we are looking to get local communities together to enjoy a night out at an affordable price for them and their families. We have had great success doing this on a smaller scale in town and village halls, bringing the complete Cinema experience. We work with local companies / individuals who supply all sorts of different refreshments / activities, that we tailor depending on the audience and their needs.

Community Cinema

Selling drinks at your screenings can be a good way to increase your profit for the night.

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