Tower cinema

Tom Dewhirst was one of the early business men who started the Tower cinema. He was my husband, Tom Greenwood’s grandfather. Tom Dewhirst’s son in law, Noel Greenwood, joined the cinema in about 1930 when he moved from Dewsbury to Hull. I can’t say just what his role was in those days but as I remember he was manager for some time but when I knew him, he would travel to the four cinemas Tower at Hull, Regent at Hull, Tower at York and Tower at Grimsby. He also went to London to book the films for these cinemas. Later he became the manager at the Tower at York until his retirement. I believe they stopped going to London to arrange for the films. As my husband died eleven years ago I can only relate what I remember.

Everard Jordan was manager at the Tower when I was first married. He gave us this photograph of himself a bit before he died. He began his career at the Tower as a young man but was chief projectionist at the Central cinema, installation engineer at the Dorchester and during wartime showed top secret intelligence films to members of the merchant navy.

Tom Dewhirst

His work at the Tower was shared with his wife Jean who was in charge of sales and her sister Joan who was chief cashier.

Mr Jordan was very friendly with Laurel and Hardy which began when they first visited Hull in 1947 organised through the Cinema Managers Association. They were in contact over the telephone when ever they were in Britain.

In their earlier days Mr and Mrs Jordan’s voices were well known to Hull people who dialled the ‘What’s on at the Hull cinema’ Phona diary service.

This information is from an article in the newspaper when he died, so I cannot be responsible for its accuracy! It would no doubt be given to them by his wife, but one can never be sure that it was transcibed to the paper in its original form!