About Us Neville Dimon

About Us

 Founder Neville Dimon has been employed in the cinema and AV hire industry for all of his working life. He has held the position of Chief Projectionist for both the Odeon and UGC circuit, as well as projecting rushes at Pinewood and Shepperton Studios. He has also worked on film sets and locations as well as showing films at open air Festivals. He has built up a wealth of knowledge and has a big interest in community cinema projects.  He is always on the end of the phone to offer support and advice in any aspects of cinema, especially the equipment.   In fact if there is something he doesn`t know, i am sure he knows someone that does.

About this website

The idea of this website is to connect community cinema projects together and people and more importantly is to advertise their existence to the public and the film community.  Also allowing the public to be able to see different community projects and cinemas and giving the public a chance to visit not only their local community cinema but also cinemas further afield.

I have been involved in some fantastic uk community cinema projects.  They are places where not only will you have a fantastic time but you can also help your local community and local businesses.  Some of the community cinemas I have been involved with sell locally sourced food and drink at cheaper prices than the commercial cinemas.  Many community cinemas also have a licence to sell alcohol.  They also have themed night where everyone dresses up as characters from the film being shown.  Another good idea is you will usually get an interval where you can recharge your glasses. Browse our cinema chain index and find the cinema closest to you At village hall cinemas we are happy to list all your film time and cinema local information. Bringing the cinema to rural communities.  showing films to community groups


Neville Dimon