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Setting up a village cinema or community cinema?

We Support community Cinemas and  we are Bringing the cinema to rural communities

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This website is to promote and help community based cinema projects and community Cinemas and showing a film in  village halls.  Being in the cinema industry myself for 29 years I have seen so many different changes. Some good and some bad. I have also been involved in community cinema projects.
Where commercial cinemas can boast top of the range projection equipment and seating, it lacks social interaction.  Originally cinema started off within a theatre production and a short film would be shown after a show.  Showmen would also travel and show films in tents.
Our goal is to help support community cinema projects and make watching a film a more personal and social occasion and fun. customers with the best entertainment experience every time. We latest information on what’s showing, visit the village cinemas and your local community cinema.

what is a community cinema?

In the 1940s your cinema was the social point of any village and town center. We believe that this can happen again if communities join together. Cinema is a good way to bring people together and have a talking point. Show the film and everyone has a discussion after. This encourages people to meet each other.

If you are a community group that would like to include film as part of a meeting or event then please get in touch and we will see how we can help.

Running  a cinema in your village hall is a great way to bring people together – and raise funds and bring your community together.

Community cinemas

Any query you have on  setting up and running Cinema

Cinema for community’s 

At the moment you may not be able to see the latest blockbuster when it is released but some well established community cinemas have customers that would rather wait to see it in their community cinema as they have a better experience with their friends and families.

Mobile Cinema

Most communities, big or small, once had their own cinema, but times have changed. Fortunately, community cinemas or Mobile cinemas can fill that gap and provide an informal way to bring people together. Community cinemas can offer a range of films that your local cinema won’t. Rural & community touring cinema. we help with all your Cinema for all projects


 Community Cinema

A Community Cinema is any volunteer group and organisation that shows films in its local your area. This can include local film societies and clubs in communities and neighborhood, community cinema free advice service and helpline

Costs to setup a Community Cinema

include the licence required for public screenings, bought from Filmbank. The cinema nights are advertised in the local shop and village magazine, and often bring in visitors from neighs villages. The aim of Village hall Cinema  Community Cinema is to provide Cinema Groups with a real cinema experience, which is accessible to all.

If you have a passion for your local community why not try and set up a community cinema project. It doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise. And your community cinema grows as time goes on. Who knows you may consider opening the cinema full time. If you need any more information please do not hesitate to ask. Sometimes we are such questions not necessarily getting in any work from it. But the knowledge that we have helped a community and other projects is as just as rewarding for us.

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 Bringing the cinema to rural communities mobile cinema.

how to open a cinema

Our aim is to provide the people of UK and the surrounding area with a convivial and sociable atmosphere where they can see high-quality films. We screen a varied program of classics, world cinema and some of the more interesting recent releases

Film screenings in rural (non urban) areas, where conventional cinemas are minimal, and normally in nontraditional venues such as village halls and community centers run by the community for the community.


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